Do I have to recycle?

Yes. Recycling is mandatory for everyone living in New York City. The Department of Sanitation regularly issues tickets upon discovering incorrect disposal of recyclable materials. This includes mixing recyclable materials with non-recyclable materials, such as placing non-recyclable materials in recycle bins. Recycling rules are as follows:

? Tenants should rinse out all metal materials (cans, aluminum containers, aluminum foil) and place them in the specially designated blue recycling containers lined with blue plastic bags.

? Paper, magazines, catalogs and phone books must be placed in designated green recycling containers lined with clear plastic bags.

GARBAGE DISPOSAL/COLLECTION:To obtain scheduled garbage collection days for both non-recyclable and recyclable materials, follow this link: http://www1.nyc.gov/apps/311utils/addressinfo.htm
To dispose of large items, such as a couches and beds, you must place these items on the curb during bulk collection days. To find the bulk collection day schedule call 311 or visit NYC.gov. A new law requires that all mattresses being discarded be wrapped in plastic. This law is enforced by a fine of $ 100.00.
NYC Mattress Disposal Law: [http://www.nyc.gov/html/dsny/html/collection/bulk.shtml]

To purchase mattress disposal bags: [http://www.sternenvironmental.com/bedbugs/disposal-bags.php]



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