Do you allow pets?

Reasonably behaved dogs and cats are allowed. Exotic pets are prohibited. We may ask that you remove pets that bark constantly or are menacing to others.

Superior Management Incorporated leases include a “no pet” clause. The law regarding pets is as follows: “Tenants may keep pets in their apartments if their lease permits pets or is silent on the subject. Landlords may be able to evict tenants who violate a lease provision prohibiting pets. In multiple dwellings in New York City, a “no pet” lease clause is deemed waived where a tenant “openly and notoriously” kept a pet for at least three months and the owner of the building or his agent had knowledge of this fact. However, this protection does not apply where the animal causes damage, is a nuisance or substantially interferes with other tenants. (NYC Admin. Code §§27-2009.1) Tenants who are blind or deaf are permitted to have guide dogs regardless of a no-pet clause in their lease. (Civil Rights Law §§47)”



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