Help! I smell gas in my apartment.

The surface of gas range stoves have standing pilots that must be lit. Sometimes these pilots can accidentally go out, which can result in a small gas leakage. First open a window for fresh air and then re-light the pilot or contact Superior Management to have our staff relight the pilot for you. If the smell remains, please call our emergency line.

To re-light standing pilots:
1. Be sure the surface burner control knobs are in the “OFF” position.
2. Remove the grates and cook top.
3. Locate the pilot ports and light each of them with a match. Replace the cook top and grates.
Light the oven burner pilot in the following manner:
1. Be sure the oven control knob is in the “OFF” position.
2. Remove the broiler carriage.
3. Hold a lit match at the top forward section of the pilot. No adjustment is required.
4. Replace the broiler carriage.


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