Help! I think I have bedbugs.

Bed Bugs are tiny red dot’s usually found on beds. They can leave a series of bite marks that may appear like a rash. If you have reason to believe that your apartment may be infected with bedbugs, contact us to set up an inspection by our bedbug specialists. If they find evidence of bedbugs, we will send a team to help alleviate this problem. Successful eradication of bedbugs requires tenant cooperation and compliance with extermination directives. Superior Management Incorporated maintains bedbug-free buildings. If bedbug warnings occur, we take immediate corrective action.

The following is our standard bedbug treatment protocol: All open crevices in molding and sheetrock must be caulked; mattresses are wrapped in special bedbug-free material; door sweeps are placed at the front entrance to prevent bedbug migration; bedbug prone areas must be sprayed regularly.

Bed Bug Mattress Disposal (NYC LAW)
A new law that just came into effect requires that all mattresses be wrapped in plastic when being discarded and is enforced by a $ 100.00 fine.

Link to NYC Law on Bedbugs

Link to Mattress Disposal Bag Examples

NYC Guide to Preventing and Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Safely


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