What if I desire a new roommate?

  • How to Apply: Have your new roommate apply through on-site.com. He or she will need to click “Apply Now,” and enter the building address and apartment number. The application fee is $ 100.00 per new applicant. Fax or email a most recent bank statement plus proof of income in the form of an employment letter, tax return or pay stubs. In most cases, existing tenants need not apply again.
  • Lease Signing: Once the new roommate is approved, all existing tenants and guarantors will be required to sign a new lease. We now offer Electronic Signature powered through on-site.com.
  • Terms: Any damage or expected wear to the apartment will be the responsibility of the parties signing the new lease. If you have reason to believe there may be damage to the apartment, Superior Management Incorporated can inspect, by appointment, to assess what damages exist after you provide photographs of same. Please contact our office to set up an appointment (212) 243-7757.
  • Security Deposit: The security deposit for the new lease will be equivalent to the new monthly rent. Tenants who are staying can have their security deposit transferred automatically. For incoming tenants, in order for a transfer of the security deposit to occur, the departing roommate must provide Superior Management Incorporated with a signed letter (scanned and emailed or faxed) stating: 1. That he or she wishes to surrender his or her security deposit to the incoming tenant; and 2. Permission to sign a new lease without his or her name on it. Without this letter, deposits cannot be transferred. Existing roommates may also need to contribute any additional funds necessary to match the new security deposit amount.


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