What is the proper procedure for termination of a lease?

As outlined on page 11 of your lease:


Thirty days notice, sent by certified mail, to:

Superior Management Inc.

50 Bank Street, Office

New York, NY 10014



Thirty days notice sent by email to [email protected] or [email protected] and an email reply from Superior Management Inc. confirming receipt of your electronic notice to terminate early.



  • A lease can terminate only at the end of a month, never in the middle of a month.
  • Tenant must pay the rent for the final month in occupancy and payment must be sent with notice to terminate early. This payment must be by certified check.
  • Apartment must be in ‘broom clean’ condition and free of all personal possessions.
  • Tenant must vacate three days prior to the termination date stated in the notice to vacate.
  • During the last month of occupancy, tenant must provide reasonable access for brokers to show the apartment.
  • Tenant surrenders security deposit.
  • If tenant elects to terminate during the period of October through February of any given year, a “winter cancellation fee” of an additional month’s rent must be tendered along with the written notice provided for in the above.


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