What is the proper procedure for termination of a lease?

As outlined on page 11 of your lease:


Thirty days notice, sent by certified mail, to:

Superior Management Inc.

50 Bank Street, Office

New York, NY 10014


Thirty days notice sent by email to [email protected] or [email protected] and an email reply from Superior Management Inc. confirming receipt of your electronic notice to terminate early.


  • A lease can terminate only at the end of a month, never in the middle of a month.
  • Tenant must pay the rent for the final month in occupancy and payment must be sent with notice to terminate early. This payment must be by certified check.
  • Apartment must be in ‘broom clean’ condition and free of all personal possessions.
  • Tenant must vacate three days prior to the termination date stated in the notice to vacate.
  • During the last month of occupancy, tenant must provide reasonable access for brokers to show the apartment.
  • Tenant surrenders security deposit.
  • When a tenant elects to terminate a lease before expiry, any loss in rent shall be reimbursed by the Tenant. For instance, if either Tenant or Superior find a suitable replacement tenant to take over the lease without loss to the Building Owner, then there will be no penalty due by the Tenant. However, when there is a loss to the Building Owner attributable to vacant time (a time gap between tenants), rental amount, or work needed to be performed on the unit (painting or other repairs), then this loss is attributable to Tenant and shall be paid by Tenant in order to terminate the lease with Superiors consent.


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