Will the superintendent help install air-conditioning units?

No, unless there is a pre-installed air-conditioning sleeve in your apartment. Superior Management is not responsible for the maintenance or weatherproofing of window air-conditioning units. Our superintendents are not trained to install window air-conditioning units and we therefore cannot assume the liability risk. The Department of Buildings has issued an ac_tips guide on how to install an A/C unit. Remember, proper installation always requires window brackets and should be professionally installed. In addition all leases have the following clause:

Window Air Conditioning Units Tenant shall not install an air conditioner in the window unless the unit is professionally installed by an insured contractor who uses the proper metal brackets to support protruding individual air conditioning units on windows to prevent any falling hazard. Any loose objects on the outside of the window such as wood blocking, bricks etc. are expressly forbidden. The installers insurance shall list the building owner and management company as additional insured and proof of such shall be delivered to the management office before work commences. All work must be comply with New York City, New York State building code. Air conditioners may not be installed on windows used for egress such as fire escapes. Permission must be obtained before an air conditioner can be installed.


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