Felix Restaurant Featured in Capital One Ad Staring Alec Baldwin

Felix restaurant located at 50 Grand Street was featured in a Capital One  TV commercial featuring Alec Baldwin. Felix is located on the corner of West Broadway and Grand Street in downtown Soho.

Capital One Restaurant Alec Baldwin from RICHARD PIEKOS on Vimeo.

Post names Percy’s the best $1 slice!

“A dollar slice isn’t hard to come by in this city. A good dollar slice is a different story altogether.

The best dollar slice in the city has arrived, and it’s at Percy’s — a cozy pizzeria at 190 Bleecker St., in Greenwich Village. For just one measly smacker, Percy’s offers up a tasty thin slice that crackles when you bite into it, thanks to the prowess of Italian pizzaiolo Giacomo Lattaruli. Not too salty, not too greasy, it’s lightly sauced and not overwhelmed with cheese or sugar. It’s a fantastic concept — let’s just hope it lasts.”

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Pay Online

You can now check your open balance and pay your rent or maintenance online using our new web interface. If you would like to get started with the new system you can click on this link New User Signup. If you have already signed up and would like to log into your account again please click here Returning User Sign-In. Paying your rent online is fast, easy and secure. You can pay right away or set up Auto-Pay. If you pay by electronic check there is a $0.75 fee added to the payment from the payment processor. If you would like to pay by credit card a fee will be added that covers the additional cost of using a credit card [usually about 2.5%-3%].

Tips to make your life simpler…

  • Set-up Auto-Pay once and let your rent be paid automatically and on time each month
  • Your rent posts the day you make the payment
  • You can log back in anytime and make changes to the method or date of payment
  • If you have questions or need help signing up for this service you can contact Payment Service Network at 877-390-7368 who has very friendly 24 hour customer service.

Luxury Chocolate brand Xocollati wins design awards!

“If you crave chocolate SoHo’s new premier chocolate store Xocollati at 172 Prince Street will be your new favorite destination. Individually designed and crafted by hand, each Xocolatti Truffle is a small, artful creation, awakening the senses with its sublime taste and distinctive textures. They are both playful and sophisticated, complex in flavor butsimply delicious. They use only the finest ingredients to capture a favorite memory or inspiration, telling our story a few exquisite bites at a time. Each Get someone special a box for Valentine’s Day!”

German Language Preschool takes second floor of 244 West 14th Street

The German-American School of Manhattan has signed a lease for the entire second floor at 244 West 14th street. The new school will be a private, not-for-profit, bilingual (German/English) preschool and elementary school (K-5) which teaches classes according to German as well as American curriculum and standards. Its purpose is to provide the German-speaking community living in the New York City area a place where their children can receive an excellent level of education while at the same time developing mastery of their native language and a deeper understanding of their own culture and international backgrounds.
Broker for Owner: Jonathan Nagin of Superior Management Inc.
Broker for Tenant: Andrew Stein of Vicus Partners

Congratulations to the 50G Girls!

Three of our hard working residents raised over $50,000 for  the Somaly Mam Foundation. The inspiration for raising 50 Grand, was living at 50 Grand Street. Our hats off to you, read more about it here…


Three women who share an apartment at 50 Grand St. in Manhattan, decided to raise $50,000 for a charity. From left, Margot Weber, Gesche Haas and Jaclyn Mitleide.

Defonte’s of Brooklyn – Not Your Average…

Hailing from Redhook, Brooklyn, this newish Gramercy delicatessen makes wonderful sandwiches. Three quarters of the floor area is an atypical open kitchen. The meticulous nature of their food prep yields all freshly made Italian-influenced sandwich stuffings. On weekends, they have what appears to be a local foodie who dons multiple headbands and dances to Eye of the Tiger-like 80’s style power rock on his boombox. For the vegetarian minded, try the eggplant parmigiana.


SplitTheRent.org – A Rent Calculator

Splitting rent with your friends shouldn’t be stressful. If your rooms are of different sizes or qualities, my calculator will give you a neutral and objective opinion on how to share the rent. It’s great for close friends or for Craigslist strangers, because it gives you the “market” value for how the rent should be fairly split, without the stress of haggling with your housemates.
Visit splittherent.org to get started

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