Latch Access Control

We have installed the Latch access control system in most of our building lobbies. This system works in tandem with your smart phone. We hope Latch will make access to your building easier and more convenient. Joining the latch system is solely at your option and traditional keys will continue to provide access.  You may now generate numeric codes for guests. You can also unlock the door by opening the app and placing your phone approximately one inch from the lock. Access codes will be generated for package delivery companies such as FedEx and UPS, which will allow them access to the lobby as well. This way you will have fewer missed package notices. If you do not receive the initiation to join latch email please contact us and we will forward it to your attention. We hope you enjoy the new lock and it’s many features and we wish to thank Jet.com and Latch for partnering with us on the installation!

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