Milkshake Hysteria

These-crazy-NYC-milkshakes-bring-all-the-boys-to-the-yard-1170x620Black Tap has gone viral on social media. The excitement is over their creatively concocted milkshakes. They make them look really yum! We spied a crowd extending from the corner of 8th Avenue and 14th Street that ran all the way to 7th Avenue. They are located at 248 West 14th Street.  Read about it here.

Impressive Renovation Featured in Curbed

_MG_9987-thumbWe would like to congratulate two residents for the successful transformation of their Gramercy duplex. This was accomplished through a series of ingenious improvements. They are certainly raising the bar, so grab your carpenter belts and get to work!

Read more at Curbed here.


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SplitTheRent.org – A Rent Calculator

Splitting rent with your friends shouldn’t be stressful. If your rooms are of different sizes or qualities, my calculator will give you a neutral and objective opinion on how to share the rent. It’s great for close friends or for Craigslist strangers, because it gives you the “market” value for how the rent should be fairly split, without the stress of haggling with your housemates.
Visit splittherent.org to get started

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